Transplant Living Centers (TLC) is a comprehensive, unique housing and support resource. We provide patients and their families with safe, clean, comfortable and affordable housing in the Denver Metro area as they undergo organ transplants and other medical procedures. Learn more about us.

About TLC

TLC provides out-of-town patients their own "home away from home" during the weeks or months of treatment at area hospitals. We provide fully furnished two bed, two bath condos which do not share any common areas. Our units are extremely clean, fully stocked, and include private patios, fireplaces, internet and cable television. Rates are negotiable based upon insurance.



TLC is the brainchild of Susan Hamelin and was founded in the weeks after her own lung transplant on December 9, 2002. Susan passed away in January, 2011. TLC is forever indebted to her passionate leadership.

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