9,748 Feet/First Snow

Marcia and Tony Fusaro stayed at Transplant Living Centers from June 30 through August 29, 2011.

This is a photo of Marcia at Devil's Head (9,748') just three months after her lung transplant! She also passed her four month check-up with flying colors.

Tony and Marcia sent us the following email a few days ago that I would like to share:

Dear Shannon,

Just a note to let you know that all is well with us. Marcia passed her three month evaluation with flying colors and has been thoroughly enjoying her new lung. We went to the Castle Rock area and climbed up to the Devil's Head Fire Tower — a 1,000 ft. elevation gain — and Marcia chugged right up it! She is living comfortably here in Old Snowmass at 7,400 ft. and is hiking and riding her bike and has started painting again.

We want to especially thank you and the Transplant Living Center for providing us with such a perfect home away from home in which to heal and enjoy the start of our new life. I can't tell you what a relief it was to move into #104. Everything we needed was right there — just like someone had thought carefully about it! The location was great and the neighborhood was perfect for our daily walks. It was so important to us to have a place we could call home so we could concentrate our energies on learning to live with a new organ. We can't thank you and John and Ron for your hospitality and support, and special thanks to Susan Hamelin, God Bless Her, for her work in founding TLC. The Transplant Living Center will always occupy a very fond place in our hearts, and we hope all future occupants have the same positive experience and good luck we had.

Our best to all,

Marcia and Tony Fusaro

We all are extremely excited to hear that Marcia is doing so well and wish her and Tony the best. We are glad that they were able to stay with us at Transplant Living Centers.


FIRST SNOW at Transplant Living Centers

Today, October 26 is the first storm of the season! Seems to have arrived quite a bit earlier than last year. There was absolutely no snow last October. As I am still relatively new to Colorado, I  have a hard time getting used to an 80 degree Monday and a 30 degree Wednesday. I think Colorado gets a little confused when it comes to weather. 


John Stansbery, who has been working here since June, 2011, was elected as a Board Member at our last meeting. Our next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Saturday, November 5 at 9:00 a.m.  All of our Board Meetings our open to the public and if you are interested in attending, please feel free to contact us.

We are still running at full capacity and are continuously receiving calls from patients regarding accommodations. Our primary mission is to provide housing to ALL transplant patients and their families who need a place to call home while they are recovering.

Donations are always appreciated.

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  1. George Jasinek

    I'm so embarased to be so far behind you in recovery.  I received a Bi-Lateral Lung Transplant on Jan.21,2011, justr 9 mos. ago. But, I'm walking over a mile now in just 25 min., where as before the transplant I could only make 100' in 2 min. win 8lpm of oxygen. I am so thankful to God, my wife Mary, my sons and Grandchildren for all their continuing support. And I especially thank the Heart and Lung Transplant team at St. Joe's. Hospital, here in Phoenix, for the truly amazing effort both pre and post surgery. I want to wish you the very best as we both go forward and treasure our "new" lives. God bless you both.  George.

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