Transplant Living Centers (TLC) is a comprehensive, unique housing and support resource. We provide patients and their families with safe, clean, comfortable and affordable housing in the Denver Metro area as they undergo organ transplants and other medical procedures.



“The Lung Connection” was started by Susan Hamelin shortly after receiving the gift of a lung transplant in 2003. Although Susan was fortunate enough to live near the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) with her family, she immediately saw the need for other patients and their families to have a comfortable place to recover from their operation. Susan’s vision was to provide these families with clean, comfortable affordable housing close to the hospital. In 2005 her vision became a reality.

In 2005 “The Lung Connection” received a one million dollar grant from  Bill Phillips, the author of "Body for Life". His father passed away waiting for a lung transplant and was a friend of the founder. Upon receiving the grant TLC purchased 5 condominiums within 10 miles of UCH. Since this time we have successfully been in operation providing many residents and their families with affordable housing options.

In March of 2011, “The Lung Connection” legally changed its name to “Transplant Living Centers” to reflect the fact that we are open to all transplant patients and their families, including children. Our close work with Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO has given us the opportunity to assist children awaiting bone marrow transplants. 

                                             Who We Serve

 TLC’s mission is “To provide spacious, safe, clean and affordable temporary housing to patients and their families receiving organ transplants or cancer treatment in the Denver metro area.” Whether patients are coming into town pre-operation or post-operation, we keep our doors open for everybody seeking temporary housing. There is no transplant recipient we are unable to provide services for.

                                               Our Services

 TLC offers fully furnished two-bedroom, two-bathroom condos to all of our residents. Our units come with many amenities you would not be able to find at other lodging facilities. Some of our features include: Cable television, High speed internet, Fully equipped kitchen, Dining room with gas fireplace, and a full size washer/dryer. All utilities are included as well. If you would like to see pictures of the units Click Here to take a tour.

TLC Staff

Executive Director
Shannon Tougher
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Director of Operations
John Stansbery
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Program Coordinator
Ben Lesavoy
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                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS


President                                                               Secretary                         
Pearl Mattox                                                            Lori Sheils  
M&M Auto Reconditioning                         M&M Auto Reconditioning
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John Stansbery
U.S. Army, Ret.
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                             Board Members

Board Member                                           Board Member
Jovan King                                                    Dock Foster
Black Ink Realty                                 Lung Transplant Recipient  
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Board Member                                            Board Member
Paul Bernard                                                  Bill Fleming
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Board Member
Laurie Weisman
Ritsema & Lyon, P.C.
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