See the Rockies and Support TLC.


Transplant Living Centers is looking to participate in an exciting fundraising opportunity at Coors Field during the 2013 Rockies season. The opportunity is a great way to support TLC and will raise much needed funding for the organization. Currently we are looking for volunteers who would like to participate in running a concession stand during home games at Coors Field. There are two opportunities for TLC to raise money. The first is running a full concession stand and the second is people working individually at multiple concession stands. If we can get enough volunteers, it would be great to operate a full stand for TLC. Our goal is to get enough volunteers so that we can have back-ups if somebody’s schedule changes at the last minute. To participate, volunteers need to go through a half day training program and any costs will be covered by TLC. If you have any questions on this opportunity please feel free to contact us at the office or go to where you can browse the many opportunities available. We thank you for supporting Transplant Living Centers and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Colorado Gives Day is a Success!

Colorado Gives Day 2012 was a success! Thanks to all of TLC’s supporters we raised a generous amount on December 4th. One exceptional donation made by The Kirk "Rocky" Derichsweiler Memorial Foundation kick-started the day into high gear. We would like to thank all of you who supported TLC on Colorado Gives day and also the Community First Foundation for hosting such a wonderful event. We wish everybody a Happy Holidays from Transplant Living Centers!

Support TLC on Colorado Gives Day!

Support Transplant Living Centers, Inc. on Colorado Gives Day! On Tuesday, December 4th, 2012, Coloradans will come together once again to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits like ours. Last year, a remarkable $12.8 million was distributed to Colorado nonprofits. As this is our first year we hope to see a great benefit from this opportunity. Presented by Community First Foundation and First Bank, Colorado Gives Day asks you to give to your favorite charities through the website, an online giving resource featuring every nonprofit participating in Colorado Gives Day. On this website we share our goals, accomplishments, and much more.Through Giving First, 100% of your donation will come to us and on December 4th your donation will be increased by the First Bank Incentive Fund. We look forward to seeing all of you on Colorado Gives Day!

Donate online at anytime during the 24 hour period of December 4th to “give where you live!”

TLC Joins

TLC has joined and will be participating in Colorado Gives Day 2012. is an online resource featuring hundreds of Colorado charities. Made possible by Community First Foundation, it encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information about local charities–and an easy way to support them online. Through our GivingFirst profile you can access information such as organization contacts, financial statements, and upcoming events. In addition, you can make a one-time donation or establish recurring payments to help support TLC with a monetary donation.

Colorado Gives Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Presented by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, Colorado Gives Day will take place during a 24-hour period on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Donations will be accepted for TLC through with a goal to inspire and unite Coloradans in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits. When this day comes remember to logon and donate to TLC.


We need 50 supporters!

Hello to all of you loyal TLC followers,

We just recently became members of and need your support to help us raise funds for the organization. Are we asking you to donate out of pocket? No, Goodsearch allows you to raise money by your simple everyday activities. You can raise a penny for every web search you do through Goodsearch and can also raise money by dining out or shopping online. Just make sure to add your favorite charity and you are ready to start becoming the greatest independent TLC fundraiser of all time. We are hoping to get 50 supporters by May 15, you and only you can make this happen. So what are you waiting for join us and invite a friend. To learn more about how you can join us visit: to watch a video on how it works and then simply add Transplant Living Centers as your favorite non-profit. We thank all of you for your devoted support.

Floor Transplant 101

We just completed our THIRD floor transplant!  Just one more unit to finish.  We are fortunate enough to have an occupancy rate between 95 and100% which leaves little time for installation but we are certainly not complaining.  We have such dedicated volunteers that we are able to strip carpeting, lay flooring, clean and spruce up in three to four days. Timing has been perfect for us. Residents leave, we get a call inquiring about availability and a few days later new residents move into a fresh, finished unit.  Thanks to Lumber Liquidators' donation, we have all the flooring we need (even if we mess up a little). We have learned a lot about installing flooring and each unit looks a bit better than the last.  Our next project, starting this summer, will be a new coat of paint for each condo.

A colleague of mine who works for a company that supplies furniture to military bases and colleges has offered to work on a donation for us. The furniture is high quality, durable and looks wonderful. We are looking forward to installing new furniture in all units. New flooring AND new furniture! We are extremely grateful to all who have helped us update our condos.

Since our occupancy rate has been stable at approximately 95% this past year, our long term goal is to expand and acquire more units  We are working on one capital grant now and researching others. If only we could find a $1,000,000 lottery ticket! If anyone knows where we can get one, please be sure and give us a call.

Our residents are always so happy to stay here instead of a small motel. One resident told me he thought he would have recovered much more quickly if he had been able to stay here for the entire four months after his lung transplant.  Unfortunately, we didn't have space available for him until the last month of his recovery. He actually did have to stay in a motel which cost twice as much and was less than a quarter of the size of our condos.

We are positive that we will accomplish our goal to provide housing to ALL transplant patients who need a safe, quiet, comfortable place to recover.

John’s Blog – Post Transplant Rehab

Transplant Living Centers provides you with a warm and safe place to live and recover after your transplant.  One of the many facets of the recovery process occurs at the Pulmonary Rehab facility in the Leprino Building on campus.  Here, your twice-a-week visits will get you started on a program to regain your stamina and rebuild those muscles you lost prior to your transplant.

The services offered are not just physical.  Due to your new post-operational drug treatments, you will have some dietary adjustments as well.  Many current and former residents of TLC have taken advantage of these services. Danny from Pueblo used to come in as often as he could until he was released and moved back to Pueblo.  I used to see Tom from South Dakota, twice a week until he was also released and moved back home.  Mark from Santa Fe is just a few weeks out now, and is using the gym to get ready for the Transplant Games next year.

When you first arrive at the gym you will meet Joan and Alex, the Respiratory Technicians in charge of the program.  They will walk you through the gym and set you up with a personalized exercise regimen.  You will also talk with Lacey, who will discuss the adjustments you will need to make with your diet.  All of this is important.  I know it has worked for me.  Following the technician’s advice can get you back home quicker, and with fewer ‘in-between’ visits.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?



John’s Blog – Jenny’s Second Life

Hi, I'm John.  This is my blog.

As an introduction, I received a lung transplant in 2009, so I have some knowledge of the issues surrounding a transplant recovery.  I have been with TLC since the middle of 2011.  I am starting a weekly blog about issues involving the transplant process, TLC, or anything else that strikes my mind as worthwhile, or not. First off is my feisty friend Jenny Cupps from England.  Yes, you could say she was transplanted from the UK, but I'm not going there.  Jenny got her lung transplant in 2005. Just prior to that event, she, like many of us, was in failing health, literally! After that, as if to make up for lost time and opportunities, she has pretty much traveled the world. Her list is mind-boggling: Alaskan Glaciers, Hawaiian dolphins, Panama Canal, Pisa and Venice, Egyptian pyramids, and more.

On the Grand Canal, in beautiful downtown Venice
In Petra, Jerusalem, where Indiana Jones #3 was shot
The Church in Pisa.  Notice how straight the tower is?


On the glacier in Alaska Swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii Camel Racing?


'Crocodile' Jenny Dundee Pirate of the Caribbean Sealed with a kiss (OK,bad joke)

Each trip has included animal interactions of one sort or another, as you can see. Whether it is a camel, donkey, dolphin, sea turtle, parrot, or crocodile, these trips have amply demonstrated her tenacity and spirit.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Transplant Living Centers since 2008 and has been an active participant of the Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group since 2005.  To quote her, "I have done so much with my second life if I passed away tomorrow I would have to say I had more than my money's worth."  Jenny has been an inspiration to so many of us, for so long, I just can't say enough good things about her.  We are all very fortunate to know her.


Moose Lodge Fundraiser/Laramie, WY

We at Transplant Living Centers are extremely grateful to Tina Pacheco West, a former resident who stayed with her parents (Frank and Esther) while her father was recovering from a lung transplant. While Tina and her family stayed with us, I was fortunate to get to know all of them well. We developed a friendship that I know will last and I will always keep in touch with them. Frank is doing great in recovery (although I think he might be a bit bored not working) and Esther is happily back at work.

When the Pachecos left to go home and Tina told me that they would help us in any way they could with fundraising, I knew immediately that she meant it. There are some people you just know you can take at their word and the Pacheco family is a perfect example. They went out of their way when they stayed here to make sure everything was well taken care of in their condo and left us with an ample supply of food and supplies for the next residents.  Here we are a few months later with an amazing fundraiser to write about put together by Tina! I have to say I was not surprised at all when she told me about it.

Frank and Esther


On Sunday, 4 December, in Laramie, Wyoming, Tina put her excellent fundraising skills to work and organized the “Tea Party Fundraiser” which included some dangerously delicious pastries, live music, awesome hats, and, of course, tea. The local girl-scout troop was also involved and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon tea experience. The fundraiser was hosted by The Women of the Moose, Chapter 423, Moose Lodge 390. Thank you Moose Lodge!!!!! It was an awesome fundraiser!

In addition to all of the wonderful food and music, Transplant Living Centers received cash donations and an assortment of kitchenware, baking supplies, linens and many other essential (and luxurious) items necessary for our residents’ comfort.  


We would like to extend special recognition to Cathy and Shelby who produced most of the outstanding baked goods and Harold the Bartender (who monitored the Broncos game for us). Our very own John Stansbery (TLC’s Director of Operations) spoke at the Tea about his own transplant experience, TLC’s mission and goals.  

9,748 Feet/First Snow

Marcia and Tony Fusaro stayed at Transplant Living Centers from June 30 through August 29, 2011.

This is a photo of Marcia at Devil's Head (9,748') just three months after her lung transplant! She also passed her four month check-up with flying colors.

Tony and Marcia sent us the following email a few days ago that I would like to share:

Dear Shannon,

Just a note to let you know that all is well with us. Marcia passed her three month evaluation with flying colors and has been thoroughly enjoying her new lung. We went to the Castle Rock area and climbed up to the Devil's Head Fire Tower — a 1,000 ft. elevation gain — and Marcia chugged right up it! She is living comfortably here in Old Snowmass at 7,400 ft. and is hiking and riding her bike and has started painting again.

We want to especially thank you and the Transplant Living Center for providing us with such a perfect home away from home in which to heal and enjoy the start of our new life. I can't tell you what a relief it was to move into #104. Everything we needed was right there — just like someone had thought carefully about it! The location was great and the neighborhood was perfect for our daily walks. It was so important to us to have a place we could call home so we could concentrate our energies on learning to live with a new organ. We can't thank you and John and Ron for your hospitality and support, and special thanks to Susan Hamelin, God Bless Her, for her work in founding TLC. The Transplant Living Center will always occupy a very fond place in our hearts, and we hope all future occupants have the same positive experience and good luck we had.

Our best to all,

Marcia and Tony Fusaro

We all are extremely excited to hear that Marcia is doing so well and wish her and Tony the best. We are glad that they were able to stay with us at Transplant Living Centers.


FIRST SNOW at Transplant Living Centers

Today, October 26 is the first storm of the season! Seems to have arrived quite a bit earlier than last year. There was absolutely no snow last October. As I am still relatively new to Colorado, I  have a hard time getting used to an 80 degree Monday and a 30 degree Wednesday. I think Colorado gets a little confused when it comes to weather. 


John Stansbery, who has been working here since June, 2011, was elected as a Board Member at our last meeting. Our next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Saturday, November 5 at 9:00 a.m.  All of our Board Meetings our open to the public and if you are interested in attending, please feel free to contact us.

We are still running at full capacity and are continuously receiving calls from patients regarding accommodations. Our primary mission is to provide housing to ALL transplant patients and their families who need a place to call home while they are recovering.

Donations are always appreciated.

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