EXCITING AUGUST (except for Giants/Rockies fans)

First of all, as of today, the SF Giants are seven games out of first place and the Rockies are 15 down.  Just had to get that out of the way before I could concentrate on all that has been going on for the past six weeks or so.

August was a busy, exciting month for us. We raised enough money to update one of our units with new flooring! Yipee! Yay! The flooring looks great and is much healthier for our residents and so much easier to keep clean and free of dust. Thanks to Nicole Prange, Ben Lesavoy and John Stansbery for their enthusiastic efforts and expertise in installing the flooring. It took us five full days to install and we had residents move in the day after we finished. Amazing how quickly I learned how to use an electric saw (particular type slips my mind) without any major injury to my fingers. I still get to use all ten fingers to type this blog. You can see more photos of our extraordinary project on Facebook and Crowdrise.

We also attended the AREDAY Conference (American Renewable Energy Day) in Aspen from August 17th through the 21st.  Ron Pieper, our Development Director made all the arrangements and was responsible for procuring free housing, free passes and the space for a free booth at the Areday Expo. Our objective in attending was to learn about and make connections with people/organizations specifically interested in renewable energy and environmental efficiency. One of our long term goals at Transplant Living Centers is to "green" our condominiums which, we hope, will result in a healthier recovery environment for our residents.

One of the on-line events we are most excited about is our feature on the popular fundraising site, Crowdrise. Nicole, our number one on-line, making friends, fundraising volunteer actually got us a feature as one of the TOP THREE CHARITIES ON THEIR HOMEPAGE.  They are providing graphics to make Transplant Living Centers look great and worthy of lots of donations.  Crowdrise features 1.5 million charities on their site so to be one of the top three is quite a feat. When people log onto the Crowdrise homepage our wonderful facility and smiling faces will be seen by all. It also helps that this website seems to be very appealing to the Hollywood community and was started by the actor, Edward Norton.

Our occupancy rate has been 95-100% for all condos the past five months. We wish we could accommodate all requests and really need more units.

Our Mission Statement: To provide spacious, safe, clean and affordable housing to as many transplant patients and their families as we possibly can.

We will continue to work hard to achieve our mission.

Thanks to all for your continued support!



John Stansbery (Rockies Fan)

John is the newest addition to our team here at Transplant Living Centers.  Although he is a Rockies fan (and I, of course, am a Giants fan), I try extremely hard not to compare the two teams. He is already aware of the fact that the Giants won the World Series but faithfully wears his Rockies cap to our office every day. Since the Rockies are "only" 10 games behind the Giants, I suppose he has the right to dream that his team might have a chance at the playoffs.

John grew up in the Seattle Metro area until he joined the US Army in 1970. After 24 years of moving and working throughout the world, he retired in 1994. He and Barbara have been married 40 years, and have three children and eight grandchildren. They have lived in the Denver area since 1989. 

Through his military background, John has gathered extensive experience in administrative and operational management, from teaching electronics and computer skills to writing and editing training and field manuals, from the initial concept through the Camera-Ready Mechanicals.

In 1999, five years after retiring from the Army, John found out he had cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, he was declared “in remission” in early 2000. While in the hospital, he succeeded in his efforts to quit his 30-year smoking habit, but it was a bit too late, as his COPD continued growing. 

In 2008 his Pulmonologist recommended him to the UCH Lung Transplant team. During the interview process, he was hospitalized twice, pushing his eventual acceptance back to June 2009. He was extremely lucky in that just eight weeks later he got “The Call”. The operation was completed on August 2, 2009, which resulted in almost immediate improvement.

Prior to the operation, John had been working out at the rehab center, and was only able to walk on the treadmill for a couple of minutes at 0.5 mph before bottoming out. So far, in 2011, he has participated in two 5k walks, including the 2011 Donor Dash where, in addition to walking the 5k, he helped coordinate our team and set up our booth.

He was one of the initial members of the UCH Mentoring program for Lung Transplant patients, and is still quite involved. In June, John joined Transplant Living Centers as Director of Operations and is dedicated to helping us succeed in our vision of expanding our services.

The office is much brighter when he is here and his good-natured, considerate, always helpful demeanor is greatly appreciated by me, our residents, our staff and my cat.

Contact John

Donor Dash 4000

The Awesome "Team Susan"

The 2011 Donor Alliance Donor Dash was a huge success with over 4,000 people attending  and 65 teams participating in the 5k race. TLC was proud to be  part of this event honoring those who have given the gift of life, celebrate those who have received the gift of life and recognize those still waiting for a transplant.

Although I sat under the shade of our tent (sweating) on a typically hot Denver day, our "Team Susan" of walkers/runners enthusiastically finished the 5k race without complaint. Of course, they had our extremely enthusiastic team leader Nicole for motivation. I really wanted her to run with pom poms but she refused, not wanting anything to hamper her sprint to the finish line.

We also had quite a few volunteers in our tent who provided information about TLC, greeted everyone with a smile and helped with clean-up and set-up. I couldn't have done it without their help.

We finished the day with a pizza/salad/beer party in a much appreciated air-conditioned restaurant.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this important event.

Nicole is already planning for next year's Dash.

Final Qwest Update

Thursday, July 14 was my last phone call with my friends’ Amanda and Paul at Qwest Small Business services.

I was reluctant, at first, to work with Qwest in exchange for my honest opinion about their services ONLY. Of course, our phones and internet are through Qwest which is why we were offered help with our social networking in the first place.  And… they do get free advertising of a sort but that really depends upon how well they do their job (if you think about it).  If people don’t read what I am writing, blogging, twittering, posting, etc…, then they won’t know anything about the TLC/Qwest relationship.

The quality of help I received from the Qwest support staff was excellent. I don’t think TLC would be up to 450 followers on Twitter and have 88 Likes on Facebook without my weekly interactions with the Qwest staff.  LinkedIn is a tool that I would never have dealt with unless it was “suggested” to me by Paul and Amanda. LinkedIn has provided a wealth of information to me since now I actually understand how it works. The interaction between groups keeps me updated on topics relevant to our business, here, at TLC.

So, after two months of weekly interactions with Qwest, I have nothing negative to report and would recommend their services, with glowing reviews, to anyone who asks.

Sean’s 34 Mile Story

34 Miles With A New Heart

Sean's Story

Sean Crawley is one of Transplant Living Center's dedicated volunteers. In Sean's own words:

"February 24, 2010 was a day that changed my life forever.  It was a normal day; I even played basketball that night. The next morning when I was going to work, I could not catch my breath and was that way all day. In the afternoon, I went to see my doctor and was told I had an elevated heart rate and needed a chest x-ray. An hour later, my doctor told me that I had an enlarged heart and needed to go to the hospital for an ultrasound on my heart the next day.

Before I could make it to the hospital, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and could not breathe. I was admitted to UCH and was told I would need a heart transplant…"

Sean had his heart transplant on May 18, 2010.

On June 5, 2011, Sean completed a 34 mile bike ride as part of the American Transplant Foundation's 2011 Team Transplant, which rode in the Subaru Elephant Rock ride. Sean was the only heart transplant patient riding in the event.

Sean is dedicated to raising donor awareness and is actively helping us with our vision of expanding Transplant Living Centers to meet the housing needs of all transplant patients, their caregivers and families.

Happy 4th!

Since I started this blog with the help of Qwest Business I have had increasing success using all available social networking tools. I am mentioning Qwest because they are helping TLC with social media in exchange for my honest opinion about their services. As I stated in previous posts, all my interactions with the Qwest staff have been informative and enjoyable.

For example, LinkedIn has proven to be a great way to interact with other organizations on the same path as TLC. It has been interesting to note that many non-profits are posting questions (and getting answers) on topics that I have had bouncing around somewhere in my brain.

I have been researching new strategies for interacting with our Board of Directors.  It is surprising to me how often issues with non-profit boards are brought up and discussed.  The amount of information, ideas, and much-needed education is astonishing to me. Really, I had no idea how much I would gain just by interacting on the LinkedIn network.

On a different note, I was just going over my "Fun Guide To Blogging" provided by Amanda at Qwest and realize that I should be writing "at least 300 words" per blog. Well, that is obviously not happening now but there is still hope!

Welcome Ron!

Continuing our efforts to realize Susan Hamelin's vision to grow and expand Transplant Living Centers, we are happy to announce that Ron Pieper has volunteered to join us as Director of Development and Communication.

Ron brings to TLC a wealth of business and management experience, particularly in the areas of building and developing small organizations and interpersonal communications. His background includes senior management in the environmental and organic food industries.

Ron is a Double Lung Transplant Recipient and brings to us a tremendous passion and dedication for what we want to accomplish at TLC.  His enthusiasm and energy are highly motivating and we are extremely blessed to have him as part of our team.

Please feel free to contact Ron with any questions, high-fives, favorable comments, or just to thank him for being such a great guy!

I Need Sugar ;)

OK, took a short drive to the candy store/gas station and am now ready to blog about Qwest Business. Yes, I know I could have had a piece of fruit instead.

Yesterday my Qwest friend, Amanda and I looked at TLC's Facebook page and Twitter account.  Together we searched for groups similar to ours to "like" and added them to our already popular Facebook page. We discussed the importance of having followers and mentions on Twitter and she explained to me what it means when Tweeters keep us on a special list. It is good to be on a list in when interacting on Twitter. I do know of some not so good lists to be on but this isn't one of them.

As you can tell (I hope), I am getting somewhat better at blogging.  I am writing this blog using "WordPress"Both Amanda and Paul from Qwest helped me navigate my way around this program.  I can now set up a hyperlink (see above) without typing it out which is what I did on my first blog.  It looks much neater this way.

Amanda emailed me AFTER our phone appointment yesterday to let me know how well one of our social networking tasks was working.  Thank you Amanda! 

Anyway, Qwest Business is offering me all this help, once a week for as long as it takes, and all I have to do is blog about it. 

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