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Hi, I'm John.  This is my blog.

As an introduction, I received a lung transplant in 2009, so I have some knowledge of the issues surrounding a transplant recovery.  I have been with TLC since the middle of 2011.  I am starting a weekly blog about issues involving the transplant process, TLC, or anything else that strikes my mind as worthwhile, or not. First off is my feisty friend Jenny Cupps from England.  Yes, you could say she was transplanted from the UK, but I'm not going there.  Jenny got her lung transplant in 2005. Just prior to that event, she, like many of us, was in failing health, literally! After that, as if to make up for lost time and opportunities, she has pretty much traveled the world. Her list is mind-boggling: Alaskan Glaciers, Hawaiian dolphins, Panama Canal, Pisa and Venice, Egyptian pyramids, and more.

On the Grand Canal, in beautiful downtown Venice
In Petra, Jerusalem, where Indiana Jones #3 was shot
The Church in Pisa.  Notice how straight the tower is?


On the glacier in Alaska Swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii Camel Racing?


'Crocodile' Jenny Dundee Pirate of the Caribbean Sealed with a kiss (OK,bad joke)

Each trip has included animal interactions of one sort or another, as you can see. Whether it is a camel, donkey, dolphin, sea turtle, parrot, or crocodile, these trips have amply demonstrated her tenacity and spirit.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Transplant Living Centers since 2008 and has been an active participant of the Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group since 2005.  To quote her, "I have done so much with my second life if I passed away tomorrow I would have to say I had more than my money's worth."  Jenny has been an inspiration to so many of us, for so long, I just can't say enough good things about her.  We are all very fortunate to know her.


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