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Transplant Living Centers provides you with a warm and safe place to live and recover after your transplant.  One of the many facets of the recovery process occurs at the Pulmonary Rehab facility in the Leprino Building on campus.  Here, your twice-a-week visits will get you started on a program to regain your stamina and rebuild those muscles you lost prior to your transplant.

The services offered are not just physical.  Due to your new post-operational drug treatments, you will have some dietary adjustments as well.  Many current and former residents of TLC have taken advantage of these services. Danny from Pueblo used to come in as often as he could until he was released and moved back to Pueblo.  I used to see Tom from South Dakota, twice a week until he was also released and moved back home.  Mark from Santa Fe is just a few weeks out now, and is using the gym to get ready for the Transplant Games next year.

When you first arrive at the gym you will meet Joan and Alex, the Respiratory Technicians in charge of the program.  They will walk you through the gym and set you up with a personalized exercise regimen.  You will also talk with Lacey, who will discuss the adjustments you will need to make with your diet.  All of this is important.  I know it has worked for me.  Following the technician’s advice can get you back home quicker, and with fewer ‘in-between’ visits.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?



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