Moose Lodge Fundraiser/Laramie, WY

We at Transplant Living Centers are extremely grateful to Tina Pacheco West, a former resident who stayed with her parents (Frank and Esther) while her father was recovering from a lung transplant. While Tina and her family stayed with us, I was fortunate to get to know all of them well. We developed a friendship that I know will last and I will always keep in touch with them. Frank is doing great in recovery (although I think he might be a bit bored not working) and Esther is happily back at work.

When the Pachecos left to go home and Tina told me that they would help us in any way they could with fundraising, I knew immediately that she meant it. There are some people you just know you can take at their word and the Pacheco family is a perfect example. They went out of their way when they stayed here to make sure everything was well taken care of in their condo and left us with an ample supply of food and supplies for the next residents.  Here we are a few months later with an amazing fundraiser to write about put together by Tina! I have to say I was not surprised at all when she told me about it.

Frank and Esther


On Sunday, 4 December, in Laramie, Wyoming, Tina put her excellent fundraising skills to work and organized the “Tea Party Fundraiser” which included some dangerously delicious pastries, live music, awesome hats, and, of course, tea. The local girl-scout troop was also involved and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon tea experience. The fundraiser was hosted by The Women of the Moose, Chapter 423, Moose Lodge 390. Thank you Moose Lodge!!!!! It was an awesome fundraiser!

In addition to all of the wonderful food and music, Transplant Living Centers received cash donations and an assortment of kitchenware, baking supplies, linens and many other essential (and luxurious) items necessary for our residents’ comfort.  


We would like to extend special recognition to Cathy and Shelby who produced most of the outstanding baked goods and Harold the Bartender (who monitored the Broncos game for us). Our very own John Stansbery (TLC’s Director of Operations) spoke at the Tea about his own transplant experience, TLC’s mission and goals.  

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